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We understand the frustration of dealing with predatory lenders and excessively high payback rates. That's why we are here to offer you a better, more sustainable way to meet your financial needs.

Redefining Lending

If Your Answers are Yes, We Have the Alternative Funding Solutions that You Are Looking for!

Unlike many of the Predatory Lenders with Extremely High Payback Rates, we at Alternative Lending Pro’s, will conduct an in depth financial analysis of your business. 

We will then offer you a choice of customized programs designed for your specific needs that you will be able to sustain, rather than just put you into a program that only benefits the Lender and Not the Client.

Helping your Business Succeed is Our #1 Priority

Our Business is based upon this Simple and Logical Philosophy. Your Success Assures our Success and inevitably leads to long-term business relationships with us.

The Difference of Dealing with a Direct Lender

Alternative Lending Pro’s is a Direct Lender, unlike many other so called Lenders which are merely third party Brokers, who will submit your funding application to numerous lenders at the same time, all of which will run your credit, thus knocking down your credit score even lower than it was before you even began the application process, thereby putting you into a even Higher Risk Category with Higher Payback Rates. Keep in mind the Brokers High Commission rate is in fact, Factored into Your Actual Payback Rate. 

Brokers, in reality only care about earning their High Commission’s, they could care less if they put you into a program that you can not sustain and inevitably will most likely default. Basically, once a Broker sells you on a deal and the deal is funded they Collect their Extremely High Commission rates and they are now out of the picture. Leaving you on your own to deal with any problems that may arise due to your High Payback Rate. 

Thus, by dealing directly with us as a Direct Lender, all of the above Problems and Excessive Costs are avoided.

Our mission is to provide alternative solutions that truly help you and your business thrive.

We believe that by offering sustainable and customized funding programs, we can make a positive impact on your financial journey. Our approach is client-centric, and your success is our top priority.

Additional Services We Offer

We understand the challenges you face in securing funds to grow your business. We’re here to make financing easier and more accessible for you. We offer tailored funding solutions that empower small businesses to thrive and succeed.

Business Line of Credit

SBA Loans

Merchant Processing Machines

Revenue-Based Financing

Working Capital Loans

Merchant Cash Advance

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